Fiber Reactive Beach Towels (B)

Fiber Reactive Beach Towels (B)  are slightly smaller and more economic than Pack (C) and feature fun vibrant patterns, ideal for beach-goers and family outings.

  • Size: 30×60 to 34×64
  • 100% Cotton, /Fiber Reactive
  • Department Store Drops
  • Weight: 12-15 lbs/dz
  • Case Pack: 24 Pieces
  • Colors: 6-8 Colors Asst
Item Weight LBS Size Color Pieces Per Case Case Weight LBS UPC Price
BEACH-PRINT-B 12-15 lbs/dz 30X60 to 34x64 Assorted, 6-8 colors 24 20-25 lbs/cs 765950124311 Call For Pricing